Get Rid of Morgellons

In Four Easy Steps





The Tools You Need to Get Your Life Back

1. The King Diet aka Morgellons Diet

How would you like to get rid of all the discomfort of biting and itching within just a few days?

Sounds too good to be true? Well, it’s not and the secret is the three phase Morgellons aka King Diet. Hundreds of others have successfully used this amazing diet to get their lives back – healthy for you and not so healthy for the parasites.

This diet, worth thousands, is totally free by providing your first name and email address in the form above. Sign up now and kick the parasites out of your life!

2. Nature's Gift® Debriding Soap

The sub-molecular particle size of this solution cleans not only the pores, but the cells inside the pores.

How it works: What happens when you get a pebble in your shoe? Answer: You must remove the shoe and get rid of the pebble. Here a tiny pebble weighing less than a gram dictates your behavior. 

That’s how Nature’s Gift® Debriding Soap works – it irritates the parasites such that they must leave your skin. No other solution works as good or is as effective than Nature’s Gift® Debriding Soap

3. Cleaning Your Environment

By now, you must know that the parasites have infested your furniture, clothing, bedding, automobile, and so on. We have proven steps to disinfect these areas to keep you from being re-contaminated


4. Build Health & Immune Function

By now your health and immune functioning is probably compromised. Specific supplements are recommended to rebuild your health.

Watch to Learn about Morgellons
& Other Skin Parasites

Some of our Customers' Results

“All I can say
is that after all that I have been through, my only regret is that it took me a year to find you following my first symptom outbreak.  Your products are great and are making a difference in my life.  I really am getting my life back. Thank you… I will be ordering another round of debriding soap soon.  I like getting the emails. I want to hear what others are doing.  Thanks for all you do.”

– Cathy

“This soap is amazing.
I have been struggling with crawling, itching and biting for at least three years now.  I can’t tell you how much money I’ve spent on finding a treatment. Something will appear to work and stop soon after.  Your Debriding soap stops the crawling, itching and I’ve had no more bites.  This has finally given my skin relief and the sores are healing.  Finally, thank you so much for your book and especially the soap.”

– Doreen

“I think you need to get the word out
to as many suffers as possible.  Your nature’s gift is a miracle.  I can’t tell you enough how amazed I am at how good it works! And it’s so good for my skin!  It’s better than anything I have ever used, even expensive cleaners!  I will be a lifelong customer.  My skin is like silk and no new lesions for months!  Thank you Richard for all your research and writing the book.  You saved my sanity.”

– Carolyn

Your individual results may vary.

The FDA has not evaluated these statements. This information is for educational purposes only. Before starting the King Diet or implementing any recommendations consult with your attending physician to make sure that they do not interfere with any medical issues you have.  This is information is not to be considered diagnosis, treatment, or cure or means of mitigation or prevention of any disease. Please see your physician for diagnosis and treatment. It is to educate you on how to clean your environment, skin, body, and how to improve your general well being.